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  Fighting Against Oblivion. Two Holocaust Survivors Remember and Look Ahead

Gespräch mit Zeitzeuginnen

Fighting Against Oblivion. Two Holocaust Survivors Remember and Look Ahead

Moderation: Ulrike Jensen, historian and employee of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial

Livia Fränkel and Elisabeth Kischinowski Masur are both 95 years old and close friends. And they share a very similar fate: Both girls were raised in Jewish families, one in Hungary, the other in Czechoslovakia. Both were deported to Auschwitz, both were separated from most of their family members there, who were killed on the spot. Both girls were left with only one sister and had to go through several concentration camps including satellite camps of Neuengamme as well as Bergen-Belsen. But while Livia Fränkel and her sister Hédi could stay together until the liberation, Elisabeths sister died after a few months in Auschwitz.

After the liberation, Livia, her sister Hédi and Elisabeth among many other survivors were brought to Sweden for convalescence. They decided to stay there and raise their own families. After one year Elisabeth got to know that her brother Emerich had survived and was living in Italy. She encouraged him to come to Sweden, too.

We will talk with both women about their lives: About their origin families, the Nazi persecution, their concentration camp imprisonment, the loss of their loved ones, their liberation, their life after survival and the passing on of memories in their joint family – because in fact Livia and Elisabeth are not only close friends, but now belong to the same family.

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